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Founded in 1999, Jinan Heavy Machinery Joint Stock Co., Ltd was established on the base of former factory, Jinan Heavy Machine Factory. It covers with an area of 410,000 sq m., with 2500 members and 0.8 billion capitals. Meanwhile, it is the largest general mechanical and electrical products manufacturer in Shandong Province.
The large machining & manufacturing ability of JHMC is the first in scope of the east of China, with machining, casting, forging, steel structure & heat treatment workshop etc. There are more than 300 large equipments, such as lathe, milling, plane and grinding. We can manufacture castings with maximum weight of 28t ,and roll plate with a thickness of 100mm. Main equipments include ∮8 Vertical Lathe, ∮8 Hobbing Machine, 4.5×12m NC plane milling and boring machine, T6926 NC milling and boring machine,W200G milling and boring machine,5m NC vertical lathe,10t electric furnace, 5×7.5m heat treatment kiln ,1600t water press,5t electro hydraulic hammer , ∮3m NC ring roller, H steel machine, 100×3000mm NC plate roller and 100t lift equipments, etc.
Research & Design ability of JHMC are one of the first –class technical research centre and perfect regular. Technical Center was awarded “Provincal Level Technical Center”&” Shan Dong Province desulphurization mill equipmentuipments technical center”. Three national industry standards, such as winches, raise drill floor, pro-environment desulphurization mill.
Meanwhile, there are almost 100 products sent to relative Departments for appraisal and qualification every year. More than one million Yuan is used for developing new product, and we have more 200 types of new rights each year.
JHMC were passed the qualification of ISO 9001 Quality Management System, also passing CE qualification, more than one Ship Classification Society qualification etc. Now, JHMC with his partners ,universities such as Shan Dong University, Jinan University, Shan Dong Construction University and so on, builds a long time cooperation partner relations, Also with many famous constitutes, for example, Chengdu non-seam design & research constitute, Shandong province science academy etc.
JHMC consists to the development strategy ”World Perfect Products in Perfect Field”, main equipments products include power equipment, mineral equipment, metallurgy equipment, building material equipment,etc.70% of steel ball mills for coal saled in market are from us, what’s more ,it was qualified as “China Brand name Products” in Sept.,2006. JHMC is the drawing up company for national standard of Winches used for mineral, and it was qualified as Shandong brand name product. Largest 50t winch was researched and designed by JHMC.
Pro-environment desulphurization equipment, that is lime stone fluid producing subsystem, developed by JHMC, passed smoothly provincial new product qualification, and drawed up industry standard for this kind of equipment. Now we are the first supplier of pro-environment desulphurization equipment in China. Cement product line of output 5000t annually developed by our company, realized the through of zero national making. Meanwhile,φ273 non-seam steel pipe product line developed by JHMC also break the corner on the market by foreign company in large diameter non-seam steel pipe. Two of three lines for non-seam steel pipe inland were supplied by our company. Vertical elevation garage and horizon cross sliding garage developed by JHMC have a compaction structure, steadily operation and technical has been top standard inland. Moreover company are planning to develop fields such as large dehydration equipment for slag, steam roaster for gypsum desulphurization , φ8m forging ring roller and so on. Now, except Tibet, our products are used in the other province inland, also nearly 40 countries in Europe, America, Africa and Asia.
Jinan Heavy Machinery Joint Stock CO., Ltd heartily welcome all kinds of economic & technical cooperation with companies at home and abroad, and wish good future with customers.

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