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With a strong mechanical manufacturing capacity, JHMC has a complete set of metal cutting equipments, like turning, milling, planing, grinding, boring, gear shaping and gear hobbing. There are more than 200 sets of equipments, of which the most bigger ones including: 6.3m vertical lathe, 8m vertical lathe, 8m gear hobbing machine, 5m gear hobbing machine, MH140 gear hobbing machine Manufacturer Britain, one gear hobbing machine Manufacturer Japan with big module and small diameter, W200G and W160G floor type boring and milling machines Manufacturer Czech, 320X4000 deep hole boring machine, B2025 double housing planer, Y9650 herringbone gear milling machine, C61160 large horizontal lathe, M1380 cylindrical grinding machine, universal grinder, 4.5m×12m CNC gantry milling machine, 5m CNC lathe, etc. There are more than 15 sets of lifting equipments, like 100t hoist, 75t hoist, 32t hoist, 30t hoist, etc.? The total area of the workshop is more than 10000 square meters.
T6926 boring-milling machine
Diameter of boring spindle: 260mm
Travel of ram: 1500mm
Travel of column: 10000mm
Max. torque of milled spindle: 23000Nm
XK2145×120 CNC boring-milling machine
   Dimension of work table (W×L)                4500×12000mm
  Distance of column shroud                          5600mm
   Max. distance between side face of spindle and work table face       4500mm
   Table travel (X axis)                     12500mm
   Cross travel of boring-milling head slide plate(Y axis)         max width of work piece: 5500mm
   Travel of ram (vertical)(Z axis)                 1500mm
   Travel of cross beam (W axis)                      3500mm
   Feed rate of table                          1~3000mm/min
   Rapid traverse speed of table                         10000mm/min
   Feed rate of ram                            1~3000mm/min
   Rapid traverse speed of ram                         6000mm/min
   Feed speed of boring-milling head slide plate                    1~5000mm/min
   Rapid traverse speed of boring-milling head slide plate                  10000mm/min
   Feed speed of cross beam                          1~2000mm/min
   Rapid traverse speed of cross beam                          2000mm/min
   Section of ram                                600×600mm
    Spindle diameter                                  Ф200
    Spindle speed                                6~1200rpm
    Spindle power                                  100kW
    Spindle taper                               ISO NO.60
CK5250 CNC double column vertical turning lathe
Max. turning diameter                5000mm
Max. machining height                3150mm
Load capacity of table           50t
Diameter of table                  4500mm
Speed range of table?????  0.5-50r/min(two shifts)
Max. torque of table             100KN.m
Cutting force of right tool support               50KN
Cutting force of left tool support                35KN
Max. travel of left and right tool support ram    1600mm
Max. horizontal travel of tool support          (-20)~2765mm
Feed range of ram and tool support    1~500mm/min
Fast-moving speed of ram and tool support?  4000mm/min
Section size of tool support ram          240×240mm
Max. section size of tool bar         50×50mm
Max. travel of cross beam                2800mm
Lifting speed of beam                310mm/min
Power of main motor (DC)         75Kw
Power of lifting motor of beam          18.5Kw
Overall dimension                      12250×6500×8700mm
Weight of the machine (gross weight)             85t
CQ5280/1Vertical Lathe
    Max. machining diameter:  ?8000mm
    Max. machining height:  4000mm
    Diameter of table:   ?7100mm
    Max. stroke of ram:? 2500mm
    Rotation angle of tool support:  -15—+30°
    Load:         80T
CQ5263/1Vertical Lathe
   Max. machining diameter:  ?6300mm
   Max. machining height:   3200mm
   Diameter of table:     ?4500mm
   Max. stroke of ram:  2000mm
   Rotation angle of tool support:   -15—+30°
   Load:           63T
W200GBoring and Milling Machine
    Diameter of spindle:         ?200mm
    Max. boring length of spindle:   2000mm
    Max. extending length of ram:   1600mm
    Max. lifting height of spindle:   4000mm
    Size of table:      3800×12800mm
    Size of rotary table:      2000×2000mm
    Load of rotary table:      20T
Y31800AGear Hobbing Machine
    Max. machining diameter:        ?8000mm
    Min. machining diameter:        ?1400mm
    Max. modulus:         Steel: m=40?  Iron: m=40
    Max. helical angle:     β=45°
    Max. face width: 1800mm
    Min. number of teeth:        50
Gear Hobbing Machine
Model:   MH140
 Manufacturer:   Britain
    Main specification and range of work:
       Max. modulus:        m=26
       Max. hobbing diameter:? ?3500mm
       Min. hobbing diameter:  ?305mm
       Max. face width:        1470mm
       Diameter of table:     ?2750mm
      Aperture of table:    315mm
Deep Hole Drilling and Boring Machine
    Model:    TQ2140
    Manufacturer:    Shanghai Heavy Machine Tool Plant
   Main specification and range of work:
      Max. diameter of hole drilling at one time (solid):? ?100mm
      Max. boring diameter:                  ?320mm
     Max. boring depth:                   4000mm
      Chuck diameter of spindle box:               ?700mm
     Max. diameter of centre rest backing piecework:    ?500mm
       Height of center:                           520mm
       Max. weight of work piece:              8T
       Max. diameter of drum chuck supporting work piece:? ?500mm
Planning Machine
    Model:    B2025
    Manufacturer:    Wuhan Heavy Machine Tool Plant
   Main specification and range of work:
       Max. machining dimension:   Length×Width×Height   8000×2500×2000mm
       Load of per unit length of table(equispaced):?? 5T/m
       Working dimension:         Length×Width         8000×2250mm
       Rotary angle of tool support:   vertical tool support ±60°  side tool support ±45°
       Extension length of tool support ram:                450mm
      Cutter raising height of tool support :                     120mm
       Max. distance from the bottom side of beam to the surface of table:? 2100mm
       Distance between two columns:?                      2600mm
Gantry Planing Machine
    Model:    B2016A
    Manufacturer:    Jier Machine-Tool Group Co., Ltd
   Main specification and range of work:
       Max. machining dimension:     Length×Width×Height   4000×1600×1250mm
       Load of table:                        10T
       Working dimension:     ? Length×Width         4000×1700mm
       Rotary angle of tool support::                     vertical tool support ±60°
      Max. distance from the bottom side of beam to the surface of table:? 1300mm
      Distance between two columns:                     1700mm
M1380 Cylindrical Grinding Machine
    Model:    M1380
    Manufacturer::  Wuxi Machine Tools Company
   Main specification and range of work:
      Max. diameter of grinding work piece:? ?810mm
       Min. diameter of grinding work piece:? ?120mm
       Length of grinding work piece:      4500mm
       Weight of grinding work piece:      4T


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